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Hi Letmefix.

You can record 32 channels even without the Dante card.
All you need is the Mini-Multi-Out card.
You can do Aviom and then use the 3 ADAT ports for your first 24channels,
Than switch one of your DR out ports to output HearBus, than buy the $60 converter that Hear Technologies makes to convert to ADAT and get your final 8 channels.
You can use an interface like the presonus Firestudio Lightpipe, and get all 32 channels in.

I’m doing this with a client right now. No complaints yet.

I do like the Dante option a lot. I do not find it as limiting as some of the posters here mentioned. If you look around, you will find that most other IP protocols are a lot more limited than Dante.
Also notice that distributing MADI is not easy at all.

Just my2cents.

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