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Well im gonna start into this, the Gvision series is way over priced for what your getting. the cheapest gvision i cant get in canada is for $350 for a 15″ basic square…..where as i can go with an acer 23″ widescreen high res for the same price if not a bit cheaper. the Dev’s should start to incorporate drivers for more touch screen models. Acer being the one i would prefer. the comparison between the two are too much to explain..even for a gvision 19″ its $800, why pay that amount for a 19″ square when there are 23″ out there for the cost of their 15″ with better res, contrast ratio and aspect which i know doesnt really matter.

With all the latest patches fixing the small probs and improving such a great console. maybe its time to focus on the external monitor and giving it more attention then just basic info. maybe the ability to have it display what ever info your looking for.