Hi, thanx for reply.
So, with all unpatched (only main), I recalled the template FOH-LRStereo, and then the scene “112”. Assigned main to the outputs, and raised gain on IP1. At 35db the noise became udible (both into headphones and to the PA, where before assigning main there was nothing). At 65, (un)naturally, it’s overload, and a great noise appear, IDR apparently unusable.
This said, another thing: when I move the gain pot on the strip, I hear, both in headphones and in the PA, some “thicks” from going to one level to another. And the same is if, on the channel IP1, I push and unpush the PAD button: another great thick, and the same noise, not lower noise (I supposed it would go down 25 db…)[?]
I know, I’m using the consolle on a studio set-up, where everything is audible (and, sometimes, horrible). You at A&H did this experiment?
Thanx again,
Angelo Cannarile

iLive T112 -FW 1.63 – IDR48