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I’d like the ability on a t-112 surface to take the left and center fader groups and make them run channel numbers 1-20 instead of bank B on the first group start at 13. Makes it a little harder when you’re looking for things. Maybe going bank A on the left and center sliders as 1-20, then 21 through 40 to bank B.

Hi, thats what i also have been asking for. To link 2 banks instead of all 3 together so you can haven the left an middle banks linked. that give you 20 input channels linked (12+8) throughout the layers. Makes it easier to adjust AUX or effect sends. I put them on the right bank, select an aux mix and can dial in 20 channels at once without changing layers.3 layers give you 60 channels an the fourth layer can be used for the other not so needed stuff.


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O yes. I also working t112 on monitors and the right bank is my aux bank and center and left is input channel bank. Linking the center and left bank only will be very very useful!!! ;))

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