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Hi John

The simplest way to get you up and running is to change your computer IP settings to a static (manual) address so that the ilve system can communicate with the computer.

I assume your system is running on the default network settings that it came with when you recieved it?

if so:

If you are on a PC go to – 1: Go to – Control Panel – Network Connections
2: Right click on your Ethernet adapter connected to the Ethernet port on the PC – Click on ‘Properties’
3: Scroll down the connection items menu and select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’
4: Select Properties
5: Select: ‘Use following IP Address’
Enter your new IP Address & Subnet mask – e.g. IP. Sub Net:
6: Click OK

If you are using a mac


1: Go to ‘System Preferences’
2: Internet & Network – Network
3: Select Ethernet connection
4: Set Configure to: Manually – Enter the new IP Address & Subnet Mask
5: Click Apply

Hopefully this should fix your problem

let me know how get on

Sam A&H