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Originally posted by Stealth

Hi Dave – I will look into your ideas as a feature request :)

In the south toolbar of the touchscreen is displays the next scene to be recalled how about displaying current scene next to this? Would be interesting to here your thoughts?

It’s not so much just seeing what the current scene is, though that would be nice.

I use the iLive for theatrical/musical uses. So I might have a few hundred cues in a show, and they go by pretty fast at times. When I recall a scene by MIDI (using SFX), there are often times I want to modify the scene slightly and re-update it. Especially during rehearsals. Not having the recalled scene auto-highlight after MIDI recall makes it very possibly I’ll hit UPDATE with the wrong scene highlighted.

If that were fixed, PLUS an option to have the GO button auto-advance to the next scene in the list, I’d be in love with the Scene Manager! Right now it’s more a love/hate relationship. :)

Hope that made sense.