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Yes he does, I was in one of them, but the other consoles were only able to use the inputs from the first IDR, if you were to plug in inputs to the later boxes the first console would not be able to see it. What he was doing was the digital split that was always avalible. With 1.6 you can use inputs from two IDRs to one surface, taking that one surface to 128 channels of DSP. The issues is that since both IDRs are being controled from one surface there is no way to share control of the IDR’s This setup is for situations like mine where I have a bunch of wireless at FOH and need alot of inputs on stage. The only way right now for me to do a true monitor split is to have an analog split and go into a third IDR. Tha is the setup that is currently going out with Brad Paisley, he has Three IDR’s, and an analog split.