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I keep my wireless mic receivers near me at FOH where I have to do double duty doing mains and monitors. Granted, I’m analog running an A&H ML5000 48B, but I’m saving for an iLIve T112 with the IDR48.

My recommendation would be to get external antennas(LPDA’s would be my recommendation). Active might be a good way to go. That and an antenna distro/splitter would also be highly advisable. Personally, I’d prefer leave the wireless rack on my stagebox rack, but since I don’t have someone at monitor or stage, I have to keep an eye on things. I’ve been a decent distance from the stage and had good results.

I also run wireless in-ears. I run those down my Aviom system(no controllers, just the AN 16/i and 0 units, it’s just a transport system for me). Again, antenna combiner and external LPDA antenna. The IEM rack is at the stage though.

Once I go iLive, I won’t need the Aviom and I’ll just leave the wireless racks at the stage area regardless if I’ve got a guy a monitor land or not as the T112 surface doesn’t have enough local IO. I plan to use local IO for some basic recording and any playback decks I need to keep handy.

I look forward to the moment when I have sufficient cash in hand to buy my system. I hope the case offers are still in effect then. I also hope they upgrade to a 3-piece case for the surface so I don’t need help removing the lid.

Chris Pickett, Studio42 916-601-7089
Allen & Heath ML5000 48B and future iLive T112/IDR48 owner.