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The iLive MIDI spec only supports channel *Fader levels and mutes, DCA assignments, program change messages and name/colour of channels can also be sent/received. You cannot send or recieve FX sends, pans, eq changes etc via midi. The only way to have these things automated is to use program change messages to recall the iLive scenes – this will give you “snapshot” automation.
You can record the midi stream as Selfmade suggested to record *(see above)*changes – then at playback they will be repeated. You could also edit the midi data to make changes if you know how in the software you use.
If you use logic then my LC-iLive environment should let you use the iLive as a virtual Mackie control (supports levels,mutes,DCA assignments and scene program changes) You shouldn’t need to have an actual Mackie control connected for this to work – The iLive fader moves etc can be recorded/ replayed using logic’s automation as if it were a Mackie Control (no touch mode though). I will give this a test and get back to you all.
LC-iLive Logic environment Demo video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhMbfmfpPoQ