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I would recommend getting a couple of mikrotik routerboards.
The RB433AH is a fairly powerfull router (Used by many wireless Internet Service Providers)
RB433AH https://routerboard.com/pricelist.php?showProduct=37
A Pair of those with suitable radio cards:
IE four of the above cards, and antennas to suit the location.

The routers can then be configured to use both cards to increase performance, and provide redundancy incase one link fails.
One card can operate in each band 2.4/5.8 or they could both operate in the 5.8 band on different channels.

Mikrotik has distributors in most countries.

This setup will allow seamless layer 2 bridging, If all youre wanting is a router for use with a laptop, Then one of the RB433AH and one of the cards will suffice. I would recommend using the 5.8 band if your laptop supports is.

There are also some really nice rack mount enclosures available for these boards.

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