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Originally posted by teknik99

Hi All,

I am wondering if there is any way to get AES output signals from the T series.

Our speaker processor allows AES signals and if we could get a pair of outputs we could delte some A/D D/A convertors.

If i read the M-MIMO data correctly this does not seem to do this unless you also use an IDR 4 or similar

If there is another way to do this your input is appreciated


Are you aware of the iDR D-out? That would connect an iDR outputs on the M-MMO and give you 8 AES outputs.(Or 16 AES by using both iDR D-outs and 2 iDR D-outs.) I think the only other ways would be to convert the spdif on the surface to AES. Or go from Ethersound or MADI to AES via converters and the appropriate card for slot B though that is going to get very expensive. The iDR D-out is less though still costly at around a grand.

P.S. Just thought about the ADAT outs. There are ADAT to AES converters available under and around the 500$ range but I have no idea how well those would work.