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Hi Gijsbert

In theory, it should be possible to transport ACE over any 100 megabit bidirectional link. However, power line networking works using modems, which are not guaranteed to work at any particular speed (500 megabit is the theoretical maximum, not a guarantee). On top of that, where most network applications use TCP/IP, and so do not care if a few packets are lost in transmission, every ACE packet which is dropped results in a lost audio sample, which can cause audible interference.
In a live sound situation where high power lights and other devices are being turned on and off constantly, the power lines will be subjected to significant noise and spikes which will then interrupt the power line networking connection and hence the ACE audio stream. The power line networking itself can also easily interfere with other mains-powered devices you may be using.
With all this in mind, and looking at user reviews of the device you mention, I would be surprised if you were able to achieve satisfactory performance using power line networking systems to run ACE.

Hope this helps

– Jeff, A&H