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With the new scene control in the 1.61 editor, it would be good if this could be in sync with the one on the surface it is attached to so the scene list and recent / next were the same – or maybe optional.

Extend the frequencies for parametric EQ further for situations where you need more control in a given area or for Sub crossover in the Matrix output EQ.

Stereo / mono doesn’t change the channel numbers forcing you to revise the channel list in Excel and reloading. Similarly, if the channel is stereo and you make them mono, the ‘other’ channel gets named after channel 1.

Nested DCAs so I can make a mute group or controlled DCA of other DCAs so that I don’t have to redefine two DCAs if I change one.

If have Rotary on ‘Trim’ can control knobs be on Pre-amp gain? Or, can the Phantom button still work when “trim on surface”

That’s all I can think of for this iteration (+ previous ones – especially width)