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I really have not had the time to check if this issue still exists with the new show I created or not.

I am running v1.61 I have the 112t console hooked up along with a mac running the editor the 112t is connected to the ace port a and the pc is connected to the Ethernet port(through a router). The editor software worked just fine. In fact that was the only way I could change it. I must have created that show originally with a t80 scene on the surface when I set it up. I know I chose the 112t on the editor because I could see all the inputs and outputs on the editor. It originally manifested itself during a rehearsal on the surface and I had to use the editor to access the inputs and outputs.

Some questions I know I didn’t answer but, it’s because I slept since then and can’t remember :(

I am going in Saturday to do some work and will check if I still have the issue with the new show or not.