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Now my question :
I want to explore the ‘iLive’ feel and look ‘offline’,
but can’t figure out, how to create routings…
Set up prefs….and outputs.
Is this not possible in ‘offline’ mode ?
The help says to use the ‘mix switch on the surface’, but offline
and no surface ?

To answer your question…Find the input you want to work on routings with and hit the ‘MIX’ key at the bottom of that strip. Then go to the mix tab and turn on or off the group, aux, main, matrix, etc, that you want to send it to. You can even set the pre/post for the aux at this point. Then hit the mix key again to exit that routing setup for that input, or you can select another input. There is more than one way to do this but this will get you started.
Another way you can do this is work with the routings for each output one at a time and then assign the inputs to it buy selecting the mix key under the mix fader and then selcet the input on or off to that output.

I think the “MIX switch on the surface” is refering to having the surface showing in the editor and then selecting the mix key under a fader in that view.

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We must have been typing at the same time, you just beat me to it. I like the way you said it better though.