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Two quick questions:

Do you know if Logic Pro 9 for Mac has the features to accomplish this (It seems that the 8 release changed a lot about the program)?
Is it possible to still acquire an old Logic 5.5 or later for the PC, and can you direct me to a source?

I bet if you posted your environments online with a donation box you would see some return.

This should work on Logic Pro 9 although I have only tested on 7 and 8. As it is an environment it should import no problem otherwise no older logic environments would work on pro 9. Sorry – I have no idea where you might get a PC version 5.5 other than maybe Ebay? Yeah I would like to post online with a donation box system – not sure how to go about that though. Anyone have suggestions how to do that? This environment took me weeks of work to create and I would like to be able to offer tech support to anyone who has donated as well as to continue to develop it further. I’ve already added lighting control to it since the video was shot!

Of course if Allen and Heath/ iLive were to directly support the Mackie Control protocol then there would be no need for my environment and a MC could connect directly to either the mixrack or surface without the need for a computer in between.

Anyone who wants a copy then email me and advise PC or Mac version: [url=”mailto:”]audiodyn@es.co.nz[/url] I will be away for over a week though so be patient. I request that people don’t distribute it openly as it is still a work in progress and I plan to release updates to interested people who wish to be on my environment email list.