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I wish to know if its possible to transfer via the system the in formations of the Iris Net ( Cobra 4 Dynacord with Power H amps and Fir)

1) communication between engineers foh and stage via talk !

3) some way to know if the stage engineer change gain and maybe a way to compensate the changes made by him.

I have a bunch of EV Tourgrade amps (basically a PowerH rebadged). Canbus & ACE are not compatible, they are totally different speeds and have totally different hardware as you know.

Not only that but which company would take on the expense of designing and building a “device” to make them compatible with each other? Its just not worth the hassle, besides its only an extra network cable to run.

Stage Talk
The way to do this with 2 consoles and one mixrack is this:

Mon engineer plugs a switched mic into ch48 on mixrack

FOH plugs a little powered speaker into rear of his surface and maps ch48 direct output to this socket.

FOH eng then plugs into his TB socket on surface and routes this to a spare AUX (which he setup earlier)
Map this AUX op to a mixrack op

Mon eng Then plugs a little powered speaker in this assigned socket.

**Of course a neat thing is to also go into “PAFL” on the desk and each engineer sets the ext input to headphone as TalkBack, thus not only do you get the shout system working, you also get talkback in your ears when you want to talk discreetly or cant hear the shout.

Gain Tracking
Simply soundcheck and both of you switch to “Trim on Surface”… nuff said, less complicated and its here right now and works. If theres an input which suddenly needs padding because it explodes by 30dB then gain tracking wont help you here.

…. Or buy another mixrack and some splits [:D][:D][:D]

Regarding the AES3 question, the only way you can do this is to buy the IDR big daddy rack and the AES option card.

Or i guess you could by a little spdif/aes converter box, situate it at foh and run the AES cable back to amps, but this seems pointless to me.