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Plus in the scene control simulation it think it’s really needed that the screen shows the latest scene that has been recalled, even if that didn’t happen from the scene control screen (via MIDI for instance). Moreover, the option to do “recall the next (non-empty) scene”

Agreed on a MIDI scene recall needing to highlight the recalled scene. Without that highlighting, it’s nearly impossible to do a fast Update on the recalled scene before recalling the next scene.

I just tried to run a musical on our new T112 using SFX to recall the scenes via MIDI Program Changes. I quickly found out that was pretty much unworkable because the scene manager didn’t move to (highlight) the scene I had just recalled. So I had to dump SFX for scene recall and use the iLive’s scene manager. And without the option to have GO auto-advance to the next scene, that was less than ideal, too.

I love the new mixer, but the scene manager still needs some work for use in theatrical settings.

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