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I’ve had a T112/IDR48 combo since fall of 2009, and am very satisfied. Our company does a variety of show types including orchestra, choral, and musical theater, just finished “The Music Man” with lots of wireless mikes, and the system ran flawlessly (aside from the operator making some mistakes, grin). The CAT5 connectivity was a big selling point, as was the human engineering that A&H uses. An easy desk to learn the basics, does take some time to learn it all.

Customer support from A&H is unparalleled. They are responsive and interested in keeping you as a customer after the sale. My T112 lost the first 8 electronic scribble strips early on. I got a personal call from A&H’s national sales manager, and a replacement within a couple of days. That’s service.

I, too, had difficulties in finding a case, but finally had one made from specs by Crown Case Company in Charlotte, NC. Joe does nice work with reasonable prices, and can build anything you want. Not quickly, mind you, seems to be pretty busy, but the end result was excellent.

I think the T series boards are the best kept secret in the industry, head and shoulders above the LS9, as good as or better than the MC7 at a better price, probably the most reasonably priced system for the features out there. Good job A&H, I love my iLive.

Geep Howell
HH Audio, Inc.
Lynchburg, VA