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our experience has been excellent, a few points spring to mind:
– the before and after sales support was fantastic. It may have helped being the first purchaser in Western Australia, but still, excellent demo opportunities, great deal and now they are doing all the can to look after us while we organise a replacement as the current one got saturated in the recent storms – it was still dripping 4 days later :(
– great number of mixes and the changeable config is a great feature. It is still possible to wish for more but currently having FOH with internal pseudo X-over and EQ, 6 mono FB sends, 9 stereo auxillaries for IEM, OB etc, and 4 general FX + 4 inserted ones: fantastic.
– the only current competition I think are the new Digico SD9 and possibly the Soundcraft Vi1 rather than the yamaha offering which are very restrictive in operation and configuration although you _can_ use matrices as mixes which is nice.
– very usable FX, EQ and Dynamics
– The Preamps get noisy if you turn them up too much so, not having gain above 30 dB seems to be best.
– expansion options as everything will talk to everything else is great for linking rooms, and so on.

I recommended something that we will keep long term and I am not disappointed.