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capable of up to 64×64 bidirectional channels.”[/i]

….. very hard to hold back the WHOO-HOOO!!

I’m also curious what the price setting will be.

True, one of the most important things is that Dante is based on standard IP-technology, thereby avoiding the need for a Dante interface in the computer. This also allows using standard (but quality) network hardware to build the network. Most computers (also laptops) nowadays are equipped with Gigabit Ethernet cards, and since this is more commonly used hardware, the drivers are often better developed and tested than those of dedicated soundcards (or if they are, the price tag reflects it).

If latency is as low as promised, and if A&H will provide this kind of routing possibilities it could also open the door to integrating (professional) software based effects in the mix. In that case, we should start thinking of options to (automatically?) compensate for (very small) amounts of latency though, just like in DAW systems.

Live recording: So far, we have been using a very simple Linux based freeware to do our live multitrack recordings on a Macbook Pro. Set-up within 5 minutes and running without a hassle.

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!