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We received a demo unit Thursday set it up for a show on friday and our worship service on Sunday from scratch. Friday was a small show with 3 tenors and a grand piano. It was so clear that within 10 seconds I knew I had chosen the wrong microphones for the night lol. Today we ran the first music service with it some 30 channels worth of sound. I had people that wore hearing aids coming up to me and telling me how much clearer it sounded than our old board. The bass is huge and open not muddy but, warm at the same time. We were at least 4db louder than we normally are and yet it didn’t seem that way. In fact a man with hearing aids who works the lights normal has issues with them cutting off during the music every now and then did not have one cut off during the service today. It was easy to hear where things needed adjusting. I loved the eq. I even got a lavaliere microphone to sound really good which has not been an easy task in the past. The speakers voice was nice and clear.

I think it took max a couple of hours to learn the board and set up both shows from scratch(this was the first time I had ever laid my eyes on this mixer). I really didn’t watch the time so it could have been less. It wouldn’t have taken me but 3 minutes but, alas I set up the shows in the 1.6 editor and the demo unit was 1.54 so it couldn’t read the shows till I had time to upgrade the firmware on Saturday. I find the layout simple and so did most of our volunteers. It does take some thought though while mixing I kept forgetting to select a channel before changing the settings on it so I ended up changing another channels settings by mistake but, with time and practice that should happen less.

I am very pleased with it so far. Tuesday is rehearsal and I will be doing some more detailed work rather than the thrown together shows I did today. I will be digging through the effects and using the RTA. So there you have it classical vocalist and a rock & roll worship service. It passed both with flying colors.