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I would sooner A&H resources be focussed on developing the existing software rather than creating a whole new branch for a smaller device.

The editor will run natively on a Mac or a PC and even in Linux with some coaxing. How many other mixer editors do that?

I think the problem is not that the I-Live editor doesn’t support the IPad, the problem is the IPad doesn’t support Java. We should be lobbying Apple to support Java rather than making companies like A&H bow down to the latest trends from Apple. Vote with your feet!! I certainly won’t be wasting my money on an IPad until it provides compatibility with the applications I use, not the other way around.

The IPad is cool, but whats the bet within 6 months there will be a PC or linux based clone that DOES suppor Java, use one of those instead until Apple sorts itself out.

end of rant.