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The current hook up conundrum is: What if I want to run avioms or any of the available iem systems (on stage)and supply signal to our hd24 which can either be in the production room or FOH and then run a future (digital) feed to production where we could put a small idr with a few outputs and inputs since we sometimes need to feed signals into the sound system from there. I know the full ilive would be the proper solution but, it is cost prohibitive for us. So I am looking at which card for the B slot can give us the best options for obtaining our goals or getting us as close as we can get to them.

I also have considered using the pl series as an alternative to avioms but, there is so little I know about them I am not sure how well they would work.


Check out Antony’s post that sheds a bit more light on the current limits. https://www.ilive-digital.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1068 So somewhere down the road you may be able to feed a slave rack via Port A Ace. That could open the door to say an iDR16 in the production room with the M-MMO-A card. That would give you 24 adat, 16 channels of digital or analog via the 2 iDR port outs and the Aviom feed which could just head back to the stage via CAT5 an be distributed with Aviom hub/s. You’d also have the extra (analog) 16 in’s and 8 out’s of the rack itself.

I believe I also need to correct what I said about an iDR port and the Aviom port not being available in the RAB-2 card. When I looked closer it appears that this is when the RAB-2 is used in an iLive surface. So it sounds like it’s fully functional in the RAB-2 in the iDR0 or iDR10. So at this point I “think” you could feed the iDR0 off your stage rack with two audio cards of your choice and use the M-MMO-A in the B slot and do what I mentioned above. That’s still gonna be 8000$ to 9000$ (with ACE cards) to do that. And of course using a computer to connect with the iDR in the production room and no local inputs available on the iDR0.

Again just an idea. Maybe too much money especially if this is for a Church. I know how that goes! [:)]