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of course put another ilive t in the broadcast room…in time we need to get our first one for FOH first :P Madi does look like the way to go though. Getting excited we will soon be demoing it. If everyone likes it then one will be ordered and I need to make sure I have all the right option cards and things for it.

Something that occurred to me when I was doing some skimming is that you might be able to use an iDR0 though I have read of some limitations in this. With the newer RAB-2 card you can use one module in the card to connect (ACE, Ether or Madi) to a main rack and use the M-MMO in the second slot. From what I read you get the use of the ADAT feeds and one of the iDr ports but not the second iDr port and the Aviom. I don’t know if this is a current software limitation or a hardware limitation. That would give you the adat outs plus the capability of 8 more digital outs via an iDR Dout. Should even be able to run the iDR0 via the editor if you wanted. I think the iDR Dout is around a grand but have no idea on the iD0 as to price. Maybe someone can chip in about this.