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Hi Dave


1. xml writing seems to be a litle buggy when storing, i had a surface finished on my computer(computer and mixrack only) – stored it on usb – (started the system with surface-no computer)loaded the show from usb and some strips where gone or moved.

did you make sure the virtual surface you setup was the same as your actual surface??

yes 100% shure


2. the combi soft key (mix select and pafl) does not work on comp and mixrack only but on the surface and mixrack.

I’m afraid this feature is only available with a PL device that is plugged into the surface, only iLive surfaces have PL-Anet sockets on the surface (Not T-Series surfaces)

i have a i live 144 and the pl device has NOT the option to assign
the mix/sel/ pafl in the menue ( probably forgotten[;)])

ok i got it now-it only works with the surface – sad…

anyway do you confirm that IF i have the PL 6 connected to the 144 i have a “extra” of 16 fully assignable sofknobs? that would be great.

and if i have my laptop and a PL 6 (without surface) can i assign the softknobs,(incl mix/pafl/sel)?

thanks i advance


Sam A&H


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