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Originally posted by Joe90

How about a 1u accessory for the mixrack that links to the rack via either the ACE connection or just two inputs and a network connection that an external USB memory stick or hard drive can be plugged into with program material on that can be accessed via the editor software.

Really for those who are using just a laptop to mix with and don’t have any local inputs at the FOH desk position but wish to access backing music between sets or acts without having to run a small copper snake or be at the stage with the mixrack.

Maybe the controlling software (editor or something else) could represent a DJ mixer so songs could be mixed as a DJ would…

That’s where I would use Dante (see http://www.audinate.com)once it’s available. I would just run an audio player on the laptop and send the signal via the virtual soundcard over the IP-connection to the Mixrack.