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Originally posted by papromike

Link them with Madi Instead of ACE.

The Madi Ring has a redundant 64 channel I/O on BNC.

Run one of the 1-64 links to the other iLive-T in the recording/broadcast room.

Take the redundant 1-64 link and run it into a RME Madiface or Madi DSP card and record 64 tracks.

Or… You can run the link in redundant and take the additional port and have it Mirror Port 1-64 and have a split for recording.

any of those ways will work with either MADI or with ES, the only drawback to ES is its only PC compatible, the Madi is less money and PC/MAc compatible

of course put another ilive t in the broadcast room…in time we need to get our first one for FOH first :P Madi does look like the way to go though. Getting excited we will soon be demoing it. If everyone likes it then one will be ordered and I need to make sure I have all the right option cards and things for it.