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The magic screen is the Preamp screen for each DSP channel. hit select on the second channel you want to use, go to the preamp widow, assign to the same input (in your example C1/C2), colour & name as you like. Don’t assign the second channel to the main mix and that should do the trick for you.

Thanks Richard. I tried that, and can bring Inputs 57/58 to that second fader. But it’s a locked mirror of the other 57/58. Mirrored routing and fader position. So basically the exact same fader to two strips.

C1/C2 are linked to Inputs 57/58. I want to ALSO link C1/C2 to inputs 63/64. I *think* that would allow me to have independent routing and fader levels. But I can’t seem to find the “patch panel” that joins C1/C2 to specific inputs.

David Schmoldt

Start thinking from the channel, not from the input.

So go to channel 63/64, in the preamp section you can select the input source.

You now have inputs 57/58 and 63/64 fed by the same physical inputs. The channels are independent (expect gain, pad and phantom power, as that are digitally controlled analog parameters). You can route them differently and use different channel processing.

Bringing up inputs (in that case 57/58) to different faders does indeed not change the channel properties. You could have channels 57/58 all over the desk on every fader and all these faders would move when you move one of them. Think of a surface fader (and adjectant strip) as an alias to a channel.

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