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Hi teknik99

Glad to hear your excited about dual mixrack


1) you can link two racks together via port B and increase the number of inputs so a IDR48 linked to another IDR48 would give 96 input channels. The bus architecture remains at 32 but an IDR48 only has 24 outputs can 8 outputs from the second IDR48 be utilised to give 32 outputs?

Yes. The slave mixracks output sockets are free to assign as you wish so you can have access to all 32 mix outputs over both mixracks.


2) Can different mixracks be linked say an IDR48 with a IDR32 or IDR16 or a full Ilive IDR10 with a T IDR48 or do the racks need to be identical.

Yes. You can mix and match as much as you like, all iLive mixracks and Surfaces are compatible with each other even in dual mixrack mode.

Note: Surface audio can only be sourced from input DSP channels 1-64

Also note: Input DSP channels 1-64 have to be sourced from input sockets from the master mixrack. Input DSP channels 65- 128 have to be sourced from the Slave mixrack input sockets.

Let me know if you have anymore questions or ideas about dual mixrack

Hope this helps

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