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Hi Peter

Sorry that you are having problems with this. Have you looked in the Audio Sync/Networks tab under Mixer Preferences in the ‘Mix Rack’ Setup screen? This will give you information as to whether your MADI card is managing to decode a MADI stream. It will also allow you to decide which link you are taking inpupts from (1 or 2) if you are not in redundant mode. If this screen seems to be all OK, you can try using the Quick Input Setup, to quickly route all MADI channels to DSP channels – hopefully you will see something coming up on a meter somewhere.

Another test you could do would be to plug the MADI card input into its own output, and route for example an Aux with the signal generator applied, to the MADI card – the signal should of course come in on the same input channel you sent it out of, once you have chosen that MADI channel in one of the input channel preamp pages.


– Jeff, A&H