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Hi Jeff,
Again thank’s, you take a time for me and it’s pleasant[:D]

I found a Belden 1505A in society i’m working.
Guys says to me he have too 1305A in stock.
He use this cable and says to me it’s working very well for 100m, but he working with ethersound system, not ACE.
I think if it’s good for ethersound it’s good for ACE too, i’m right?

For the word clock, one day i’m working with yamaha DM2000 and the guys working in rental society use one apoogee bigben. I don’t know why but the sound is better.
It’s same result with IDR? I can’t check for this time, but if answer is yes i’m happy to building my snake with 3x 75ohm, and the standard lengths for order it’s 150m, so it’s easy to build 3x50m ;)

Mr B, my first idea is using fibre, very good for galvanic isolation, but A&H M-MADI doesn’t have this, only bnc.