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Hi Tuejo, Wouter

The weight of the R72, unboxed (with side trims) is 12 Kg.

In terms of set up possibilities, the R72 can do everything that the T80 can. The main differences in terms of the interface are that the R72 has 6 layers instead of 4, the PEQ/PreAmp/HPF must be adjusted using the touch screen, and there is the addition of a ‘Channel Processing’ button, which takes you to the processing for the selected channel, no matter which ‘setup’ page you are in. The PAFL In/Out LEDs have also been moved to on-screen indicators in the lower status bar on the touch screen.
The analogue level control for the rear monitor outs has also been removed – monitor out level can be adjusted using the PAFL trim in the PAFL setup page.


– Jeff, A&H