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Hi Alain

The Klotz cable you linked to seems OK if you’re only going 50 meters. It’s also stranded so it should be more reliable. For your MADI ‘snake’, you don’t actually need word clock – both the A&H MADI card and the RME HDSPe-MADI can sync from the MADI stream itself – the word clock is really for older devices which cannot sync from the MADI stream (although there is no problem in you using the word clock if you prefer).

We have a sample of the RC5S-B2A2 ‘iLive’ cable, and could not understand what it is really for. If you want to control the system using a laptop or similar, you can just plug it into the surface network ports, and the control is bridged down the ACE link. Similarly, sending audio to/from the surface position can be achieved with the i/o on the back of the surface, using the outputs page.

Klotz RC5 is one of our recommended cables, so that would be a good choice.


– Jeff, A&H