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Ok Jeff, i understands ;)
Thank you for these explanations

I want to build a 50m snake.

I don’t know if i can purchase belden for the good price.
I’m freelance for many sound rental society, and of course i’m buying cable in one of her to have the best price.
Here the most cable you can found is “eurocable” but i can see for “Klotz” too.

Klotz just have a new audio/network cable specially for ilive ;)the RC5S-B2A2.
For the madi and worldclock i think buying this: https://www.klotz-ais.com/quickorder/artikelpdf/RG11__f.pdf or of course 1505A if i can, but buy everything from the same place made lower the price (like shipping cost).
It’s for A&H m-madi and my RME HDSPe-madi.

Question for ilive user:

What’s you having in your snake?
I think the minimum is 2 Cat5 (1 for ace and 1 for pc-control), in my way 3 coax (madi in/out and wc) and 1 power.
A few pairs of audio and…what else?