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Hi Alain

For ACE, we can only recommend the cables listed on our cabling page which you linked to, as these are the cables we have tested for compliance with EMC regulations when used with our products. For Cat5/6 cable, figures like capacitance and DCR are not that reliable as cable metrics – other factors such as twist uniformity and pair separation are important, and are not normally specified. For this reason you cannot really tell from the published data if a particular cable will work at 120 meters. Your Cat6 cable may well work, but we cannot say what cable length might be reliable with it, and can only recommend cables tested by us, due to the EMC regulations.

For MADI, pretty much any 75-ohm coax cable will work for ‘standard’ distances (the MADI standard is up to 50m). Comparing your cable to the 1505A that we tested with, it is not very good, so you should look for something better if you want to send your MADI signal over longer distances. The spec for the 1505A is https://www.belden.com/pdfs/03Belden_Master_Catalog/06Coaxial_Cables/06.29_30.pdf . When looking at the cable spec, note that the shield type and coverage is relevant, not just attenuation figures.

As with MADI, Word Clock will work with any 75-ohm coax cable. Cable distance will depend on the receiving device – if you are using the A&H MADI card to receive word clock, you should be able to use 100+ meters. We tested 300 meters using the Belden 1305A. If you are sending wordclock to a third party device, you will have to consult their documentation.


– Jeff, A&H