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The Waves support says that “there is no latency in Multirack” and put the blame on Apogee.
Apogee says that it must have to do with the settings in the Multirack.

If you watch the video posted on Waves page with Phish FOH Gary Brown @ https://www.waveslive.com/
He is working with a lap top it looks like, explaining his use of the Multirack. using RME MadiFace.
Is it because his in a 15000 cap arena where it must be impossible to tell a short delay in the master,
when hitting a snare drum, so he doesn’t care.
Or is working better because he is in digital all the way SD7-MADI-SD7
I used SPDIF in and out on the T112 surface into a Apogee Ensemble, so still digital all the way.
Then a Plug-in version of the MAXX BCL working the L&R.
On a 1200 cap venue with FOH approx 20-25m out, it was not possible to close your eyes/ears to the fact
that there was a delay on the drums.
The difference from drums acoustic from stage then in the House was to big.
Regarding additive comps on the ilive I will check the forum more.