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I had a look at the Waves Multirack when it came out and I remember wondering that it did not say anything about latency. In a native system as the Waves you will get more latency than from a dedicated DSP as the Ilive has. The soundcard you use introduces latency – even the firewire port has a “firewire buffer” that introduces latency. I my opinion any pc/mac based setup is not fast enough for live use. Some of the soundcard manufactores are talking a lot about their card for live use a talk about the low latency introduced from the card only and they ignore the total latency from the entire setup.

There is a software that can messure total roundtrip latency (can´t remember the name but it is easy to google). More then 3 ms should not be used in in-ear monitors at all!! And best not used in any monitor situation. The tolerance for FoH are a bit higher but even there I wouldént use PC/MAC based solution.

Note that the PCI express on a desktop runs faster and some TDM like based machines can run with latencys as low as a digital console.

As for the group latancy I recommend you make a search on this forum since this has been covered already many times. Solutions on paralle compresion are comming from A&H – They have been asking about it and they usually listen to users.

As for the mastercomp insert on FoH you should have no problems. You will get latency from the double AD-DA conversion. How is this a problem for you? You get about 34 cm delay on 1 ms – so 3 ms is only 1 meter – that hardly aligns the drums with PA. The bleed in on stage has more time diff then that.