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Mainly the ability to easily and quickly access mix output GEQ,PEQ, Level and delay settings – very useful for setting up speaker zones. For the GEQ how about say eight touch faders (landscape) with a bottom freq scroll bar (Swipe left/right)and bank L/R buttons, with numerical level values above each fader (so your fat finger doesn’t obscure your view) and along the top display the current selected mix (Text)inside a horizontal master level fader. Also next and previous mix buttons (or a drop down menu?)to quickly select another mix with the GEQ window staying active and updating. Level faders would likely need a slow ramp up time so you don’t accidently bump something to full just by tapping in the wrong place! Or perhaps master levels can only be turned up with say a two finger or combination touch?
Perhaps overlay the spectrum analyser on the GEQ? That would be something special!(Like Contour/smaart)

Another suggestion would be to be able to put (and lock) a single monitor mix send on the iphone/touch . Then each musician could have their own iphone/Touch for their monitor send. Kinda like a wireless Aviom personal monitor. As you can connect multiple editor sessions this should be possible?