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Hello Walter,
that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. The user should be able to store and recall scenes. But I want to prevent one Scene as the “Initial Scene” to be safe from beeing overwritten. This scene holds all the routing stuff, EQs and so on for the house system…


I don’t know if this answers your question. When we first got our iLive mixer, the Enginneer did a good job with the initial configuration, so we saved the ‘Scene’ in 1st saved slot. We saved this ‘scene’ into a particular ‘Show”. We saved this ‘Show + Scene’ into a USB Flash-Drive. Go to ‘Permissions’ and configure what ‘Other Users’ can have access to yr iLive. Hence, they can use other ‘Shows’ and ‘scenes’ you give to them – and not the ‘important’ Shows & Scenes you have stored. No one can touch those, cos the ‘Permissions’ wo’t let them. Hope this is clear to you.