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Hi Pete

Yes you are correct – the logic arrange window needs to mirror the channels on the iLive – or you can customise and have whatever channels/ names you want. The environment is very complex and uses sysex to send the correct midi strings. It would take some time to explain everything so I will just send you a copy of the environment(if you reply to my email). If you are bored and have the time you can study my environment to see how it works! There are set up instructions included on screenset 8. I would do a backup first as it’s very easy to mess it up with a click in the wrong place! It should work with the Behringer – I think the BCF can be put in a Logic emulation mode? The Mackie is the way to go though as you get channel names/values and direct quick access to DCA’s, Fx Sends, Returns, Buss’s, master fader etc when using a mackie control’s global view keys and bank change. It has over 128 channel strips! I’ve also just added lighting control using the free Abuelites software and a supported computer DMX interface (I have a Enttec ODE Artnet node which can also share the CAT5 iLive network). Just hit the MIDI Tracks global key on the Mackie and you have control of Abuelites 20 programmable subfaders (each subfader scene has 512 DMX channel access). Lighting and sound on one control surface! The demo video is….being edited and will be here someday. Trouble is I keep updating the environment with new features so the video is already way out of date!