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Hey Richard,

very interesting thing. I was thinking about a similar thing – adding a (cheap) Behringer BCF2000 as fader for let’s say vocal, rev and delay or so.

But I didn’t manage to send all 3 strings needed to adress channel, select function (there fader) and send value.

I’m logic user too, so you’re solution seems to be very smart (though your able to switch between differen channel which one can’t even do with a PL6!).

But I’m not very familiar with the environment thing. So would you give me some hints?

This are my main qustion:

– I asume you create a “dummy” audiochannel in Logic for every iLive-channel you want to control, so the Logic-Control can handle the channels via these dummies ?
– If so, how can an audiochannel create needed mididata (or even basic data, that can be used for a transformer)
– How can you sent all 3 strings needed? Is it just a macro including 3 transformers?

I know it needs a lot know how to create such an enviroment like you did, but I would be thankful if you can share a little bit of your knowledge.

Regards Peter