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At some point A&H had to make the conscious decision to leave features off of the Tseries, at the end of the day they still have to sell the modular iLive racks and surfaces right?
No point putting every feature on the cheaper systems and then shooting yourself in the foot trying to sell the big uns!

Very true Graham. I’m not complaining, just wondered if I missed something. I did overlook the possibility of using the spdif and converting to AES (mentioned by selfmade) although this would be a little klutzy to do from FOH. The M-MMO card does give quite a few options to the T. You could record with the adat, have an Aviom system in use and still get 8 AES outs by using an iDr D-out. And the iDr bus uses CAT5 so that makes it easy to do. The only downside I can come up with might be some latency in going to the iDr bus and then back to AES at the iDr D-out.


P.S. Found some latency info…https://www.idrseries.com/DL/Training/iDR_latency.pdf