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Hello Mr B

Hmm. interesting idea.

For those not in the loop Mr B has disabled his WEP / WPA encryption and is instead using simple MAC address filtering on his router.

My gut feeling would be if the router H/W manufacturer states the equipment as 80211 g / n compatible, then the encryption / decryption engine would be capable of performing at those speeds. I.E I wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference.

However googling suggests otherwise, and that V. cheap routers may lack the processing punch to perform the encryption / decryption at full load.

The load used by an iLive in a quiescent state should be around 157 KB/s == 1.2 Mbits /s so on a 80211g 54 Mbits router even with the encryption turned on, it would have to be quite an overhead to notice a difference.

As for Ariel technology i’m staying well clear ! I’m sure someone will chip in.

Selfmade for an overview of multicast see: