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Well that all turned out for the best then. Good idea to check though.
Have you got a UPS at each end? I have one fitted to both my on stage rack which contains the iDR10 with two PSU’s as well as a Network Switch with Fibre optic interface. Also a UPS in the FOH rack which contains another Network switch with Fibre interface, Wireless access point so I can use the laptop whilst EQ’ing the room, spare PSU (iPS10) for the surface as well as an output from the UPS for the onboard mains input on the surface. The CD and the CDR in the rack I do not feed from the UPS.
I use the APC rackmount (2U) 1400 VA UPS this has loads of reserve so even on the odd occasion when I need 2 complete iLive systems I can power those as well.

Have fun