Hi Lieven,

For clarification; as well as the metalwork (a new rear/base section of the iDR32/48 chassis) and additional sockets, the iLive T-Series PSU upgrade kit also includes a completely new power supply (with updated circuitry for switching to the ‘redundant’ IPS-10 when connected), fan (inc. motor & housing components) and additional harnessing etc. required to fit the upgrade to an existing unit.
The kit also ships in the same packaging as a new iDR32/48 unit to ensure there’s no transit damage.

As such, we feel the cost for this upgrade is quite reasonable and although pricing is decided by the distributor for your region, so may vary from one country to another, we also believe our distributors offer very competitive rates to their customers wishing to upgrade, update or expansion iLive systems.

I hope this helps.