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Hi Carey,

Many thanks for you’re reply. I have read and watched the video clips regards laptop already and more than once!

Have now fathomed out the custom window tab and this seems a great feature. I like the way you can put channel spaces between channels and setting up a few layers FOH & monitors etc like you said. One thing that would be nice is to be able to have more than one custom window open as this would lend its self quite nicely to have one window at the top half of the screen and the other at the bottom and then not have any of the fixed input / output etc windows open. The top one could be stretched the total width of the screen (channel inputs etc) and the other could be stretched half the screen like a master section of a console leaving the other bottom half of the screen to locate the select parameters window…

So just to clarify with your touch screen laptop you can use your finger or stylus to move faders, press buttons, select menu options and drag EQ graphs?