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The links I posted above to Prosoundweb above seem to have a strange behaviour – if you click on them you may get a error or file not found message – however if you then hit your browser refresh button the links then work.

Here’s another link which is to the original article https://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/m/395413/0/?srch=ilive+scene+save#msg_395413
Scroll down to my later posts and you can also find the attached images there.

I still haven’t done the demo video – will try to find time but just to busy most of the time.
I will be interested to see the pricing on the new IDR16 and the iLive R72 surface. The R72 could be the best solution to having a compact FOH set up like the Mackie control/Laptop and custom logic environment I use on smaller jobs.
Pity they didn’t make the screen fold down like a laptop so the unit was much smaller again!