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Thanks for all the replies, had a 6 hour hands on demo of the T80 & IDR48. Done a typical band type set up with micing drums with gates, compression , verb etc. Set up a vocal mic with rung out monitor using on-board GEQ and getting some nice FOH sounds. This desk does seem fairly simple to use and to my ears sounded nice.

I’m still curious about using the mixrack with just a PC though. I’ve been playing around with the Editor over xmas and now after having some hands on experience with the T80 surface the Editor seems even more user friendly than I had originally thought. I apprieciate the advice about not having a surface incase you need to “throw faders up in a hurry” but on my desktop PC at home (which I admit has a 22″ screen) you can have 32 inputs all showing plus FOH L+R plus 8 aux’s plus DCA etc and I’m struggling to see how a PC might be slower than a surface is the input you want is buried in a layer etc… I understand that you cant do 2 handed mixing with a mouse and this maybe a hindrance.

This brings me onto Touch Screen Monitors. Will the Editor software work on a PC or Laptop with a touch screen? i.e. can you pull faders up & down and adjust dials and pull EQ curves around? I guess you’d probably need a touch screen with a stylus to do this accurately.