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Excellent info about the Auto modes. I usually choose manual because then I know what is being done, but now I know that there is other stuff under the hood with the auto modes, I’ll play with those.
For reference compressors, my favourite transparent compressor is the Weiss but aren’t we getting into the realms of Sintefex and Liquid Channel stuff? Not that I mind. being able to run a vocal through a Millennia Media preamp, a Massive Passive EQ and a Fairchild compressor would be great.

But seriously, what about a “character” setting with a couple of adjustments e.g. attack/ release; speed/amount etc. where character can be ‘vocal’, bass, music, perc, 160, LA2, fairchild, tubetech, Obliterate.

BTW, ratios of less than 1:1 would be nice (like the Weiss) for situations where the received audio is messed up like in backing trax, and parallel compression is nice too.

I have another idea but that should perhaps be another thread.

Have fun,